“Constructing a commons utilizing ICT to generate evidence for medical policy” Public Symposium 2020
Patient Involvement in Policy-Making
―Current Issues and Future Directions ―

Currently there is a growing recognition of the importance of reflecting the opinions of patients in policy-making. In light of this, we have been conducting research on patient involvement with patients to identify effective methodologies and to consider the likely outcomes of these.
For this symposium we have invited speakers, both from Japan and abroad, who are currently active in patient involvement research to introduce on-going initiatives. The panel discussion session will create a space for patients to further engage with the research content and offer their opinion on the presented results. 
We see this symposium as an opportunity for us to consider together what is at stake with patient involvement research, and to consider how to maximize its contribution as we move forward. We hope you will join us.

Date and time: October 16, 2020 (Friday) 16:00 ~ 19:00 JST [8:00 ~ 11:00 BST]

Format:Online symposium

  • A link to connect to the symposium will be shared with pre-registered participants.

  • We will use a platform that is accessible to anyone through a web browser (user registration is not required).

  • Participation is possible by computer or smartphone from anywhere across the country.

Simultaneous translation is available (on application) *We will provide details to registered participants.

Speakers and panelists (planned):


  • Opening remarks: Zentaro Yamagata (University of Yamanashi, Graduate Faculty of Interdisciplinary Research, Faculty of Medicine)

  • Project introduction: Kazuto Kato and Atsushi Kogetsu (Osaka University, Graduate School of Medicine)

  • Lecture 1: Kassim Javaid(University of Oxford)

  • Lecture 2: Jane Kaye(University of Oxford)

  • Lecture 3: Beverley Anne Yamamoto (Osaka University, Graduate School of Human Sciences)

  • Video message: Kaori Muto (University of Tokyo, Institute of Medical Science)

  • Panelists: Michihiro Hide (Hiroshima University, Graduate School of Biomedical and Health Sciences), and others TBA.

For the panel discussion session, patients and researchers who have been involved in our project will be invited to exchange opinions.

Intended participants:We welcome anyone with an interest in the topic to join us.

Capacity:200 participants

Participation fee: Free

Registration: [Pre-registration deadline: October 12 (Monday), 12:00 JST [4:00 BST]]
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Sponsored by:Science of Science, Technology and Innovation Policy R&D Project Selected in FY2018 “Constructing a commons utilizing ICT to generate evidence for medical policy”

This event is endorsed by the Japan Association for Bioethics.