Project for developing innovative advanced chemotherapy of gastrointestinal cancer by combining state of art medical technologies (Cancer Frontier Science Program)

We developed integrated therapeutics that are unparalleled in the world for diseases with high unmet needs. For the treatment of highly intractable gastrointestinal cancer, which is not expected to be completely cured by conventional treatment, we actively challenged the concept of developing therapeutics, which has not been adopted by companies because of reasons such as high development risk. We applied strategic borderless combinations of immune, regeneration, and tumor systems to promote and expand innovative drug discovery and development through rapid clinical application by exploiting novel medical seeds that are appropriate for the next generation. Our strategic goal is to analyze abundant clinical information including super responders in detail for innovative seed discoveries and drug development. We aim to comprehensively contribute to the development of Japan as a science- and technology-oriented nation by facilitating the promotion of people’s health through the industry-academia collaboration.