Department of Ethics and Data Management

All twins participating in the Center’s studies are asked to register themselves into our twin registry. This department’s task is to strictly manage the registrants’ personal information.

Department of Data Collection

The members of our twin registry may choose to participate in our research efforts. Participation commonly involves various clinical and other tests, which this department carries out at the university or elsewhere.

Department of Research Infrastructure

This department’s task is to maintain and expand the twin registry and to manage the participants’ anonymous test and research results, as well as their genetic, blood and other samples.

Department of Research

The department of Research is divided into eight research units that that conduct twin research on external funding based on the data collected from the twin participants.

Fetal Environment Research Unit

This unit focuses of studying how children’s environment in their mother’s womb affect their growth, development and genes.

Childhood Environment Research Unit

This unit studies how the environment from childhood to adolescence affects children’s growth, development and genes.

Adulthood Environment Research Unit

Growth, development and genes are also affected by things such as eating habits, domestic life and the work environment, and studying these factors is the task of this research unit.

Biological Functions Research Unit

This unit studies how environment and genes affect things such as aging or life style diseases, e.g. diabetes.

Clinical Genetics Research Unit

Various environmental effects related to things such as aging and diseases etc., can have an impact on the expression of genes, and this unit studies that phenomenon.

Epigenetics Research Unit

The focuses of study for this unit are the detailed mechanisms of how the environment affects the expression of genes.

Behavioral Sciences Research Unit

This unit concerns itself with the study of what kind of impact emotions and lifestyle etc. have on the human body.

Neural Functions Research Unit

This unit’s goal is to study the role of genes and the environment in thing such as social and economical behavior.