Organization chart

Although the Center for Twin Research is nominally an attached unit of the Graduate School of Medicine, our university’s unique position as one of our country’s few general universities allows us to co-operate intimately with various other departments ranging from sciences to humanities. In fact, many of our Center’s academic staff members hold concurrent posts in other departments. We make full use of Osaka University’s highly advanced genome and epigenome research and state-of-the-art PET scanning equipment to collect, analyze and store scientifically valuable twin data and exceptionally high quality bio resources.




The Center of Twin Research consists of four departments: Department of Ethics and Data Management, Department of Data Collection, Department of Research Infrastructure ,Department of International Research Collaboration and Department of Research. The Department of Research is further divided into seven research units: Fetal Environment Research Unit,Childhood Environment Research Unit, Adulthood Environment Research Unit, Biological Functions Research Unit, Genetics and Epigenetics Research Unit, Behavioral Sciences Research Unit and Neural Functions Research Unit .