Contributions to society

Research results as social contributions

Dissemination of information on twin research through symposiums and seminars

The Center organizes Twin Festivals as channels for disseminating information about its research results. The first festival, called the ”Twins Assembly”, was organized on Sunday 4th of November 2012. The event attracted approximately 50 twin pairs, 100 persons of twins plus their relatives.
The second event of Sunday 10th of November 2013 was organized at the Osaka University Suita Campus Convention Center and attracted roughly 70 twin pairs, 200 persons of twins, plus their families. For this year’s occasion, the name of the event was changed to Twin Festival.
The third Twin Festival was organized on Sunday 2nd of November 2014 in the same venue, and attracted roughly 60 twin pairs, 200 twin persons as participants.

At these gatherings we ask twin researchers around the country to give lectures on twin studies’ history, current status, future expectations and other relevant topics. In 2014, we also had the opportunity to hear Jaakko Kaprio, professor of genetic epidemiology at the University of Helsinki, give a special memorial lecture titled ”Developments and Trends in the World on Twin Research”. Another special memorial lecture was given by professor Setsuko Ochiai from Aino University, Faculty of Nursing and Rehabilitation on the title ”Raising Twins – Mommy’s, Daddy’s and Child’s Feelings”. In addition researchers representing each of the Center’s research departments gave science cafe-style introductions on the present state and results of the clinical twin studies currently being conducted in each department in the hope of furthering understanding of the Center’s activities among the twin participants.



social_contribution_p01Discussion after the special memorial lecture
”Developments and Trends in the World on Twin Research”.



”Raising Twins – Mommy’s, Daddy’s and Child’s Feelings”,
picture of mingling parents