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The 3rd Osaka University International Twin Research Symposium

Twin Research from the views of epigenome and microbiome

Date:March 8,2019 (Fri.) 16:00〜18:00

Venue:Multimedia Hall 

            Center for Medical Innovation and Translational Research (CoMIT),

            Osaka University Suita Campus


Jeffrey Craig

「Epigenetic and microbiome studies in the PETS twin birth cohort:clues to the early life origins of chronic disease」


Jun Kunisawa

「Involvement of host genome and gut environment in the control of health and diseases」


Mikio Watanabe

「Genotype-based Epigenetic Difference within Twin Pair」


Rie Tomizawa

「Microbiome Study in Center for Twin Research」


※This symposium is supported by Osaka University Grant for Inter-University International Symposia