Privacy policy

Center for Twin Research (below ”Center”) abides by the legislation pertaining to the protection of personal information and the Osaka Metropolitan Government Regulation on the Protection of Personal Information (below ”Regulation”), and collects personal information from the users of the Center’s official website to the extent required by the smooth operation of the site’s services (provision of information, requests for materials etc.). The collected personal information will be handled according to the below policy. This policy only applies to this site.

Collection of personal information

  • You will be asked to provide personally identifiable information (name, address, phone number, age etc.) when you request materials, apply for lectures or events, etc..
  • When contacting us by mail, your mail address will be displayed to the recipient.

Use of personal information

The information collected by the Center will be used for replying to inquiries, sending materials and registering applications for lectures etc.

Management of personal information

  • The personal information collected on this site is managed with care. We employ appropriate and efficient safeguards to prevent data from leaking to outside parties, and from getting lost, damaged, falsified or hijacked.
  • In order to appropriately manage the data in the Center’s possession, the Center has appointed a personal information manager who is in charge of all the functions concerning data management and will implement all measures necessary for efficient safeguarding of data.

Disclosure of personal information

Personal information we have collected will not be disclosed to third parties except when the achievement of collection objectives for personal information necessitates disclosure to a contractor or a collaborating agency.
When this personal information is disclosing to third parties, we obligate the third party through contractual and other means to prevent any data leaks and to refrain from disclosing the information any further.
However, if required to do so by laws and ordinances or if the Center decides disclosure to be necessary due to an emergency, disclosure of personal information can occur.

Changing and removing personal information

If a person requests that the Center correct or stop using his or her personal information, the Center will make the required changes or delete the data from its system.

Regarding the access log

The Center records an access log of users’ visits (visited pages, access duration, keywords used for searching the site from search engines etc.) and uses it for managing the site and analyzing access status etc. The access log will not be used for collecting personally identifiable information.

Links to external sites

This site contains links to other sites, but no personal information will be shared through them. You must confirm the privacy policy of an external site from the other party, as the Center cannot assume responsibility for any personal information collection activities at its link destinations.
If you have questions of feedback regarding the Center’s privacy policy, please contact the Center’s Personal Information Manager.