Director’s Message
SAWA Yoshiki

State-of-the art medical technology such as regenerative medicine, gene therapy, and the use of AI is expected to promote health and longevity in the future. Osaka University promotes translational research to deliver leading-edge healthcare with the goal of achieving such a bright future. As a result of our efforts, innovative regenerative medicine products and medical devices have been approved for patient therapy.

Universities are storehouses of knowledge, and their research provides the foundation for future medical treatment. It is important that we strive to coordinate private-sector resources, improve capabilities, and promote commercialization through open innovation. It is also necessary to develop good circulation and ecosystems to facilitate the promotion of research for the next generation. In December 2015, Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine and Osaka University Hospital jointly established the X(cross)-Innovation Initiative (XII).

  • Initiating activities for cross (open) innovation based on the university structure

    Larger innovations have become increasingly difficult to develop through existing industry-university collaboration, the system designed to connect the dots between research and commercialization. In other words, it has become increasingly challenging for industry-university collaboration to translate research into practical applications that deliver revolutionary innovations. This was the impetus behind the creation of a 3D cross-innovation framework among Osaka University, University Hospital, and the private sector. Our goal is to shift from the existing collaborative framework to an open innovation structure that leads to win-win relationships between universities and companies to address needs and develop seeds. We believe this to be the key to realizing large-scale innovation. In order to translate research into innovative healthcare, the XII has been working in collaboration with a wide range of companies, establishing ventures, and providing support for intellectual property strategies, while the establishment of joint research programs features cross-sectional, interdisciplinary and cross-industrial collaboration.

    The XII also engages in comprehensive collaboration with companies and organizations that emphasize healthcare. We have entered agreements with startups and long-established companies in manufacturing, finance, insurance, and advertising, and with administrative agencies, economic organizations, other universities, both in and outside of Japan, and have planned cooperative projects through the employment of invited faculty. We continue to strive for the further promotion of these activities aiming to create innovation in healthcare. I look forward to your continuing cooperation and support.