Purpose of establishment

Osaka University Graduate School of Medicine and Osaka University Hospital established the X(cross)-Innovation Initiative (XII) on December 1st, 2015.

To achieve cross (open) innovation in healthcare, we aim to below:

  1. strengthen collaboration with a variety of companies and research institutions, and accelerating open innovation,
  2. support intellectual property strategies for healthcare, and the establishment and operation of ventures,
  3. propose policies from the scientific perspective,
  4. work on social issues in cooperation with public administrations.

We also hold 'Osaka University Healthcare X(cross)-Innovation Forum' toward the realization of a new model of inter-industrial innovation. We approach healthcare innovation through deepening comprehensive collabolation with a variety of companies and institutions and accelerating international commercialization of research results.

Activity Overview

1Partnership Agreement and Collaborative Institutes

To strengthen strategic collaboration between organizations, accelerate commercialization through open (cross) innovation, and find solutions to social issues, we have entered into Partnership Agreement with a wide variety of companies and institutions. Also, various institutes have joined us as Collaborative Institutes to achieve above business objectives and promote cross (open) innovation.

As of October 2020:30 partners

Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement

2Osaka University Healthcare X (cross)-Innovation Forum, Seminars and Symposiums

Osaka University Healthcare X (cross)-Innovation Forum

This forum is hosted to further deepen comprehensive collaboration with a wide range of cutting-edge companies and organizations, realize cross-innovation beyond company and organizational boundaries, and accelerate international commercialization of research results for healthcare innovation.

Osaka University Healthcare X (cross)-Innovation Forum Subcommittees

Seminars and Symposiums

3X(cross)Industry Discussion

These discussions are undertaken to promote interactions among companies, organizations and individual laboratories that have entered into comprehensive collaboration agreements, share the cutting-edge approaches and issues that each have, and promote industry-university collaboration.

We have held with;

    Graduate School of Medicine Faculty of Medicine, 23 classes and 13 partners participated in the discussions.
    Faculty of Medicine, Division of Health Sciences (1st), 17 classes and 18 partners participated in the discussions.
    Graduate School of Dentistry, 6 classes and 25 partners participated in the discussions.
    Faculty of Medicine, Division of Health Sciences (2nd), 17 classes and 28 partners participated in the discussions.
    Osaka Nursing Association to be held on December 7th.

4Support for the Establishment of X(cross)-Innovation Type Joint Research Chair*

We support the establishment of Joint Research Chair related to industry-university collaborative projects with companies.
*Joint Research Chair: A research organization created within Osaka University using funds provided by an outside company or other institution
*X(cross)-Innovation Type: Joint Research Chair beyond the boundaries of research fields, companies and organizations